Mercenary Enrollment: Chapters 122 and 123

Mercenary Enrollment Chapters 122 And 123

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan authorizes the well-liked Japanese light novel serial Mercenary Enrollment. It transformed into various media, such as anime and comics. The series has published Chapters 122 and 123, and we will thoroughly analyze their end in this blog.

It is a manhwa with many actions, unexpected turns, and character development. People anticipate Chapter 123 because Chapter 122 was the final one. The following episode will reveal whether or not Yuna can convey to Ijin how she truly feels when the setting shifts.

Ijin reunited with his family after ten years. The new people are unaware he served as a juvenile combatant during these years. He only has one more year of secondary school remaining. Even though he’s not actively murdering anyone, do you think he’ll make it through this year?

YC and Rakhyun collaborated to create this well-known manhwa. Because of all the excitement and unexpected turns in the story, the webcomic is an absolute must-read. Read this narrative line if you enjoy reading stories about school life and bad behavior. You’ll experience a surge of excitement with each new episode.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 122

In Chapter 121, we saw how Number 002 attempted to track down and murder Mad Dog by starting a violent slaughter; however, Mad Dog managed to escape. The new commander also suggested that Mad Dog might be their former leader. In the previous episode, we saw that Mad Dog’s new master informed everyone that Mad Dog had slipped away and warned them not to approach him because it could cause them problems. Mad Dog’s new master also warned them not to feed him.

In the second scenario, Mad Dog engages in a high-stakes shootout with the individuals responsible for his death. Ultimately putting the death of One of the murderers.

Crazy Dog is comparable to a tiger who has suffered both physical and emotional injuries, and he places the responsibility for all of this fleeing on 001, also known as Ijin. Betrayer is the moniker he has given to him.

Ijin is in the middle of his workout when Yuna sends him a text message instructing him to visit the shop near his home. Yuna chooses Jaekhyun due to concern over Young’s behavior and declining grades.

After having a pleasant conversation with Ijin, Yuna brings up the subject of the employment opening in SW security.

They and Jaekhyun’s protector exclaim in astonishment when Ijin states, “He’s thinking about it.” Ijin inquires about Yuna’s prospects as they go home together later. Yuna says she doesn’t know but wishes to live his life thoughtfully. As if to convey this to Ijin, Yuna finally states, “I like it,” twice while keeping her palm on her dress.

The scene shifts to number three, discussing Mad Dog’s escape and future pitfalls with some trepidation because he is difficult to take out.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 123

Ijyu Ijin lost his parents in an aircraft accident when he was only eight. He had no choice but to become a juvenile combatant to survive after being abandoned in a distant country.

He returns to Korea after ten years to visit his family. Everything is working, including providing adequate sustenance and a place to sleep. But Ijin will quickly discover that the challenges of being an adolescent are completely different. Ijin will graduate from high school next year, so she must discover new strategies to navigate the treacherous terrain of the classroom.

The narrative has taken on several trajectories throughout the past few weeks. Therefore, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 123 was published the same day as the preceding chapter. Some individuals who had previously worked for the professional organization spoke with one another in the previous episode.

They all discussed a strategy for attacking Ijin. It was a plot to eliminate the guy because he deceived the entire squad the last time. What will they do next, then? Without further ado, here is everything you need to know to move on to the next episode.

In the following section of the narrative, Ijin will eventually begin to comprehend what is happening in the world around him. Everyone who ever worked for him wants to get rid of him. Therefore, the purpose of the entire strategy is to remove him from the situation and bring him down.

Mercenary Enlistment, Part 123: “What Will Come Next?”

The following episode’s story points and “spoilers” are not publicized. But now that Ijin’s back turned, a strategy has been formulated. At some point, each of them will bring up unusual occurrences. It took a very long time, but in the end, everyone figured out that Ijin was the one who was responsible for killing the mercenaries. And now is the moment to begin formulating your assault strategy.

The overall storyline could improve. Ijin is completely oblivious to the activities that are taking place behind his back. However, he and his family will have the opportunity to talk about fascinating topics while traveling. The same conversation will resume at the beginning of Chapter 123 of Mercenary Enrollment. And Ijin will get a sneak peek at the storm that will strike him in minutes. So it will be interesting to see where the narrative proceeds from here.

Already Published Was the Part on Mercenary Enrollment

There is no pause between the previous and subsequent segments to answer your question. The following one will therefore be available to viewers in two days. On February 11, 2023, Chapter 123 of Mercenary Enrollment was made available for the last time. After that point, readers can only access the complete collection of the manga’s episodes on the official sites hosted on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Finally, if you want to know what’s happening, check out The Anime Daily.

Where Can I Read Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 123?

Anyone who wishes to read it can do so on the website for the Naver Series because it is a “Saturday webtoon,” a new episode of this webtoon released every week on the same day.

Official Raw and Official English versions of Mercenary Enrollment are available for purchase and reading. The series is also available on Naver Webtoons; however, at this time, only the first 101 episodes are accessible. Please download the smartphone software to stay current with all the most recent information.

On Webtoon Originals, the narrative of Mercenary Enrollment is recounted in installments. You can pass the time until Chapter 123 by reading the excellent novel Weak Hero, which tells the story of a new student at a school who uses his intelligence and gruesome murdering techniques to bring down a kingdom of bullies.


Action and exhilaration abound in chapters 122 and 123 of Mercenary Enrollment. Ikki’s fights with Kuraudo Kurashiki and Ouma Toka are fierce and demonstrate both combatants’ abilities and strategies. It will be fascinating to see who proves to be the school’s best combatant after these chapters, which set the scene for the remainder of the competition.

The exciting Mercenary Enrollment story will keep readers on the edge of their chairs. The personalities are well-developed, and the fights are thrilling and fierce. It is unquestionably worth trying out if you enjoy action-packed anime and comics.

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