Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department Light Novel Series

Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department Light Novel

Do you like to read warrior high school novels? Have you heard of it? However, People who like adventure, action, and fantasy are reading this light novel more and more. So in this article, we’ll discuss what Light Novel is about and why you should read it.

What is a Light Novel?

A student named Kizaki Souma is at the center of a novel series called Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department. He is a member of the Department, responsible for exploring dangerous dungeons that have appeared in the world.

The Plot of Light Novel

The story of Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department begins when mysterious dungeons appear. These dungeons have dangers and treasures, so the government has set up special departments to investigate them.

Kizaki Souma is a high school student who wants also to help support his family by joining. Hence he and the other people on his team explore different dungeons, fight monsters, and find the secrets they hold.

Furthermore, as the story continues, Kizaki and his team must deal with new problems and enemies. Furthermore, they run into other dungeon raid teams, powerful monsters, and even betrayers in their team. Will they deal with these problems and come out on top?

Characters of Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department

It has a lot of different and exciting characters. Hence each character has strengths and weaknesses that make them unique. So some of the important ones are:

Kizaki Souma

The main character of the show is Kizaki Souma. He is a good fighter and thinker who joins Warrior High School to help support his family financially. Also, he cares about his teammates and is a loyal friend.

Wakana Ui

Wakana Ui is a good archer who works for Kizaki. She is shy and quiet but always willing to help her teammates.

Ishida Mitsuru

The person in charge of Kizaki’s team is Ishida Mitsuru. Hence he is a strict and severe person who is in charge of making sure his team is safe.

Why Should You Read?

Department of Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Fans of adventure, action, and fantasy will enjoy reading Novel because it is exciting and fun. The plot is full of turns and twists, and the characters are interesting and easy to like.

Kka Tonogai is known for writing stories that keep readers interested and on the edge of their seats. He has also written well-known light novels like “Doubt” and “Judge.” Moreover, It is excellent if you want a light book to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Warrior High School Dungeon Raid, Department, is a captivating story that takes readers through a world of danger, treasure, and exciting adventures. The characters are easy to relate to, and the plot has many surprises.

If you like light novels or want a new series, it is a must-read. Join Kizaki Souma and his team on their exciting dungeon raids to discover the secrets of the strange dungeons.


Is there an English version of the Light Novel?

Yes, you can read the light novel in English.

How many books are in the Warrior High School Dungeon Raid Department?

As of September 2021, Light Novel in English has six volumes.

Is Light Novel being made into an anime?

No, the show is not being made into an anime right now.

How old must you be to read it?

The light novel suits teens and adults who like action, adventure, and fantasy stories.

Can I read Light Novel online?

Yes, you can buy the light novel from several online bookstores, and some sites may even let you read it for free.

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