Angel 65 Keyboard: A Compact and Sturdy Mechanical Keyboard

Angel 65 Keyboard A Compact and Sturdy Mechanical Keyboard

Is the Angel 65% Keyboard the Best Mechanical Keyboard Around? Are you a fan of keyboards who wants a top-of-the-line, premium keep? Then there is no need for further search. Your supplications have been heard, and the miracle is the Angel 65 Keyboard mechanical.

65% was Angel’s score on the keyboard evaluation: High-end mechanical keyboards like the Angel 65 use CherryMX switches and Winkey. Or WKL PBT keys, a metal chassis, pin mount mounting, three different plate choices, and complete customization with QMK software.

A function-over-form keyboard, the Angel 65’s main objective is to provide you with an excellent typing experience. Some may find its RGB lighting effects a little muted and its 65% layout challenging. Yet it does fulfill that promise.

In this review of the Angel 65% Keyboard, we’ll focus on all of its quirks and features and get to the bottom of what makes this keyboard “click.”

What Does Angel 65% Keyboard Mean?

Most compact keyboards are much smaller than full-sized keyboards because they don’t have a number pad or a row of function keys. It means that they only have up to 68 keys instead of 108.

Is it Worth It to Get Angel 65 Keyboard?

Yes. The small size of the Angel 65% Keyboard saves valuable desk space and gives your PC a clean, simple look. Even though they don’t have as many keys as a full-sized keyboard, 65% can do everything a full-sized keyboard can do. And are becoming more popular with gamers and programmers.

Review: Angel 65 Keyboard

The Angel 65% Keyboard initially became known when we looked through Reddit for high-end mechanical keyboards that could customize in many ways. And there, we saw that many people liked the Angel 65 Keyboard.

It got our attention so much that we had to get our hands on one! And now that the Angel has finally come down, we’ll take a closer look at the Angel 65% Keyboard that Redditors love to recommend.

Make things good

The first thing we noticed when we took the Keyboard out of the box was how well it was made, so that’s what we’ll talk about first. It is, after all, the best part of the show.

The Angel 65 Keyboard is constructed from a sturdy aluminum alloy, which is as stiff and strong as an ox. Polypropylene, which the plate is made of, is light but strong and long-lasting.

Instead of using screws to attach the plate to the case and fix it, the Angel 65% Keyboard uses pin mounts, which lets the plate move a bit and makes typing better and smoother.

Overall, the build quality is so good that it’s almost perfect, and every detail is well thought out. The Angel 65 Keyboard is so good that we want to call it a work of art. It feels. Cold to call it a computer part.

Type of Switch

The Cherry MX switches on the Angel 65% Keyboard are standard. Gateron Brown Switches came with our review unit, and we have to say that these “Gators” are now our favorite switches.

Instead of Blue switches, which tend to be annoyingly loud, or Red buttons, which tend to be quieter. But also “too” smooth and linear with no bumps, Brown switches are just right.

Brown switches have bumps, just like Blue switches, but they are easier to push. And makes less of a clicking sound than Blue switches while still being harder to move than Red switches. So, brown buttons try to fill the space between blue and red.

And Gateron Brown Switches takes this idea and runs with it. These switches make the Angel 65 Keyboard great for typing and gaming. When we play games, the constant clicking of Blue buttons gets on our nerves, but not with these Gateron Browns.


The Angel 65% Keyboard has RGB lighting like any other high-end mechanical keyboard. Every key has a separate RGB backlight, and the software makes it easy to change the colors.

The backlight has a wide variety of lighting and color effects, and the RGB effects are excellent and colorful, but not too much so. There are no RGB LED strips, though. Even though the Angel 65 Keyboard could be better for RGB lighting effects, it does the job.


No matter how big or small your paws are, you’ll find the compact Angel 65 Keyboard layout to be just about perfect. All the keys are close to each other, making it easy to use the whole Keyboard without stretching.

If you’ve never used an Angel 65% Keyboard, you might need time to get used to this layout. But you’ll never want to return to a full-sized keyboard once you do. The 65% layout is suitable for gamers and people who type.

In terms of comfort, the Angel 65 Keyboard is set at a slight angle, which takes a lot of pressure off the wrists and makes typing more fun. Overall, the Angle 65 Keyboard’s design is as good as possible.

User Experience

The switches on the Angel 65 Keyboard are simply the best, and people who like to tinker with their keyboards can do so. The user comfort is fantastic, and the RGB lighting effects aren’t the best. They’re good enough for everyone but the most dedicated RGB fans.

Overall, using the Angel 65% Keyboard is a truly remarkable experience. It is it if you want the best of the best. Just give the unusual layout of the 65% keyboard some time to grow on you, and you’re in for a treat.


The most basic version of the Angel 65% Keyboard costs $450. But the final price depends significantly on which keycaps, PCB, and switches you choose.

Angel 65 Keyboard: A Perfect Gaming Companion for League of Legends

We chose League of Legends to see how well Angel 65 Keyboard could play games. League of Legends, also known as LoL (no joke), is a popular, competitive esports game where your Keyboard performance can make or break the game. There are dozens of key binds and hotkeys that you can use to control the game.

We knew we were on to something extraordinary as soon as we started playing. The switches clicked and could feel, but they also felt smooth and quick. Finding better words than “perfect” to describe their feelings is burdensome.

The slight tilt angle of 6 degrees also ensured that your wrists were as comfortable as possible, even after a long gaming session. We felt like real pros at esports, and we’re not just saying that because we moved up a few ranks!

The compact 65% layout was also conducive. It gave us a lot of room to move our mouse around and made it easier to move the mouse quickly than on our full-sized Keyboard, which feels like Manny the Mammoth. Because it was small, the arrow keys were always in the right place, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Durable and Sturdy Build of Angel 65 Keyboard – A Reliable Gaming Partner

The Angel 65% Keyboard was also significant because it was made well. The chassis didn’t make any noises or bend, and the whole thing, to be honest, felt like a tank.

Even when things heated and we got angry and started slamming the keys hard, the Keyboard didn’t miss a beat. Even though the Angel 65 Keyboard wasn’t cumbersome, it didn’t move around on our desks. As for how long it will last, the short answer is that this Keyboard is built like a tank and will last you a very long time.

To summarize our gaming experience, the Angel 65% Keyboard felt great for typing and gaming. The Keyboard is so flexible and easy to use that you’ll feel right at home no matter what you do with it.


In conclusion, the Angel 65% Keyboard is a good choice for gamers, typists, and programmers. With its top-notch build quality, customizable RGB lights, super compact size, and clicky-clack feedback. But native support for QMK firmware offers a solid, premium typing experience you can fine-tune and personalize to your liking.

Even though the Angel 65 Keyboard is expensive, the price increases sharply as you add more options. We think it’s a good buy for anyone who wants a reliable, durable, and Stylish keyboard. That can withstand years or perhaps decades of constant usage.

Frequently Ask Question

Where Can I Purchase Angel 65 Keyboard?

You can get the Angel 65% Keyboard at Cannon Keys. It comes in three colors and stocks, and you can choose between two button layouts and two types of stock.

Is Mac compatible with Angel 65% Keyboard?

Absolutely! The Angel 65 Keyboard works perfectly with Mac OS. And you can switch between Windows and Mac layouts quickly and easily. If you only use Apple products and never Windows OS, you can order the Keyboard in WKL, which stands for “Win Key Less.”

How Much Does an Angel 65 Keyboard Cost?

Angel 65 Keyboard starts at $450. Depending on the extras, the final price could be different.

How is Angel 65% better than other mechanical keyboards?

The Angel 65 Keyboard has a high-quality build, a lot of ways to make it your own, full customization, programmable keys thanks to QMK firmware, and a variety of switch options. The Angel 65% differs from other mechanical keyboards because it has all these features.

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