Travel Nurse Salary Blogs 2023

Travel Nurse Salary 2023 in the United States

A travel nurse salary blog may be an exciting and gratifying career choice for those with a passion for helping others and a desire for independence. However, instead of settling down at one facility, some nurses accept temporary positions in areas that need more medical staff.

Salaries for travel nurses tend to be higher than those of regular nurses. Because of the unique demands of the profession, which include the need to be adaptable and creative. And ready to step into a new position with little to no notice.

Travel Nurse Salary?

It is common for registered nurses (RNs) who work as travel nurses to earn more than the national average RN pay of $77,600 annually. And for APRNs to earn more than the national average salary of $123,780 annually. LPNs and CNAs (CNAs) may also find travel nursing jobs, albeit these are less popular. In addition, some nurse jobs, such as those in times of crisis, pay much more than others. And other benefits, such as housing allowances, may increase your income.

Hourly: Earns an average hourly wage of $56.49 per hour. Newly certified travel nurses typically make $37.71 per hour, while their more seasoned colleagues earn an average of $82.06. This may entail extra hours, the availability and demand for which may vary from assignment to assignment.

Monthly: The average monthly payment for a travel nurse is $9,790, which may change based on factors like how many hours a nurse works or whether they get any incentives.

Annual: A travel nurse’s yearly pay might range from $60,000 to $120,000. They can expect a beginning salary of $78,430 and a maximum pay of $170,680 throughout their careers. Experience, overtime, and assignment type determine remuneration. For example, travel nurses who work overnight in hospitals or emergency rooms earn more than those who spend the daytime in doctor’s offices.

Often Exceed Average

Parth Bhakta, CEO and creator of Nursefly, a travel nursing business, has claimed that a nurse’s prospective salary is contingent on some things. Positions requiring immediate attention tend to be the most paid. These jobs meet an unexpected need, such as the requirement for medical personnel after a natural catastrophe.

In contrast to routine work, “crisis assignments (pay) quite a substantial premium above the average,” as Bhakta put it. But In addition to increased pay in areas with a higher demand for nurses, many hospitals give travel nurses additional remuneration for specialties that require more knowledge and competence.

In most cases, a travel nurse’s salary will be comparable to or even more than a full-time nurse’s. Some firms provide higher beginning pay to flexible staff. Geographically or skill-specifically demanding positions are relevant.

Traveling critical care nurse Rachel Norton, RN, explains that in addition to increased base pay, her profession sometimes provides “extra compensation” in housing stipends, travel reimbursement, and per diem food expenditures.

Other Financial Benefits

Living costs and incentives are standard components of travel nurse remuneration packages. Travel nurse wages are generally discussed using blended rates, which include base salary, medical benefits, and living expense stipends. A typical offer letter includes tax-free accommodation, transportation, food, and utility allowances with a $50 hourly compensation.

Allowance for Housing Expenses

Whether in the form of a rent subsidy or free living in on-campus dormitories or off-campus flats, housing is almost always included in the pay packages offered to travel nurses. In addition, there might be a certain amount set aside each day to cover food, utilities, and other requirements. The acronym “MI&E” means “meals, incidentals, and expenses.”

However, arranging your lodging may be less expensive in the long run. “Once I locate a job, I deal directly with the employment agency to see what housing arrangements and travel reimbursements are available to me,” explains Norton.

Depending on the contract, the staffing agency may pay for the nurse’s housing and transportation costs. However, it is often more profitable for the nurse to locate her accommodations. Although there may be exceptions for short-term COVID contracts, in general, nurses on standard contracts will see a considerable decrease in salary if they choose to live in agency-provided accommodation.

Fees for Travel Nurse Salary

Most of the time, placement agencies will pay for a nurse’s airfare, either by paying for it themselves or by offering a stipend for the nurse to use for the trip. The company may also pay for your gas money if you drive there.

Even though many services for traveling nurses provide housing aid, it is typically more profitable for nurses to do it independently.


Travel Nurse Salary Bonuses

Many agencies may provide sign-on incentives, completion bonuses, or extension bonuses to entice prospective or current travel nurses to work for them. Jobs with a high demand for workers but a need for more eligible applicants sometimes come with financial bonuses. Nurses may also be rewarded for bringing in new business or for completing service-related goals set by the agency.

When does a salary not count toward taxes?

Travel nurse salary compensation is often tax-free. In addition, housing, transportation, and medical reimbursements are tax-free at year’s end.

These payments should not be taxed. Wage recharacterization is unlawful under tax law, according to the IRS. Disreputable organizations may pay nurses the state minimum salary upfront but make up the difference with bonuses and other tax-free advantages. The IRS flags this because the taxable income is substantially lower than the national average registered nurse earnings. In addition, tax-free remuneration eases the financial burden of working abroad.

If the agency wishes to avoid a costly audit, base pay—the component of your income subject to taxes—should be comparable with similar jobs in the same agency. Even if the tax-free payment is considerable, nurses should avoid assignments with low base salaries if the IRS finds wage recharacterization. Ask for a breakdown of a blended rate to verify the base compensation is reasonable for the position and location.

Norton adds, “there are also multiple ways you may optimise taxes to earn various stipends and bonuses,” depending on your compensation plan. For example, as a travel nurse, you may be paid an hourly pay subject to taxes or a blended rate incorporating tax-free stipends and taxable hourly remuneration. Knowing the distinction is essential.

Travel Nurse Salary Insurance 

Healthcare, vision, and dental insurance are often provided, with a portion of the price deducted from a travel nurse’s pre-tax salary.

Retirement (401K)

 Travel nurses often have access to 401(k) plans with generous employer matching contributions, widely considered among the best retirement parks in the United States.

CEUs Free

Employers often cover the cost of continuing education units (CEUs) for their traveling nurses since they must be licensed in all 50 states.

Pay and Benefits for Foreign-Based Nurses

Travel nurse salary may see the world and apply their talents. Contracts typically last a year. They generally demand local language skills and a visa to visit the host country.

International travel nursing requires higher remuneration. Most countries pay less than the US for travel nurses, but others, like Luxembourg, pay more. The Middle East has lower living expenses. Thus, smaller wages go further.

San Jose’s high nurse pay is due to its wealthy California lifestyle. Nurses who prefer rural settings have various non-metropolitan options. Due to the vital need for qualified professionals, rural Alaska may pay off.

Look for high-paying positions in places where nurse shortages are likely to be severe. For example, according to 2017 HHS data, California, Texas, New Jersey, and South Carolina will have the most significant nursing shortages in 2030.

Job Growth of Travel Nurse Salary: How?

Demand for nurses is strong and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Demand for registered nurses is expected to increase by 6 percent from 2016 to 2031 due to rising chronic illnesses such as diabetes, higher life expectancies, and the retirement of a significant proportion of the current labor force.

Per Diem vs. Travel Nurse Salaries

Unlike travel nursing jobs, which generally last four weeks or more, per diem positions are temporary. These shifts provide nurses even more freedom, allowing them to work whenever they choose.

Although there is no hard data on the subject, per diem nurses’ hourly wages are higher than those of both travel and permanent nurses. However, more independence and better remuneration may bring greater vulnerability. While contracts for travel nurses are guaranteed to run their entire course, per diem nurses’ assignments may be terminated early or not renewed if staffing requirements alter.

Travel Nurse Salary Increase?

If you pursue this line of work, several options may help you significantly boost your typical travel nurse salary. However, not all companies provide such perks to their employees.

Per diem and Extra Shifts

You may maximize your earnings as a travel nurse by opting for daily (per diem) compensation and taking on additional shifts, which are paid per diem. You decide whether you work double shifts if you’re paid by the hour or take extra hours on your days off if the per diem rate pays you.

Multiple-state nursing licenses

Working as a nurse opens up many opportunities when you are licensed to practice in more than one state. It implies you may be offered the chance to choose tasks that pay more.


Becoming a surgical nurse, fill-in nurse manager, researcher, or trauma nurse are all areas where a travel nurse might specialize in increasing their earning potential. In addition, you might pursue a career as a traveling nurse practitioner.

High-demand assignments

Accept Tasks That Are In High Demand Taking on projects in high demand may need working long hours or interacting with underprivileged groups. For example, there is a greater need for travel nurses. Thus many employers are willing to pay extra to attract qualified candidates.

Traveler Referral

Some travel nursing agencies can pay extra money if you suggest a qualified nurse to work for them. The referral bonus may be paid in two stages: after the nurse you referred is hired and again after they’ve finished their first assignment.

Agencies focusing on placing nurses in travel nursing positions may be an excellent resource for finding suitable assignments and arranging travel accommodations. Discover more about ten of the most reputable firms in the nation below.


In 2017 and 2018, Sacramento Business Journal recognized Flexcare as the Best Place to Work. The Virtual Recruiter is an excellent online system that notifies users of available positions. By entering your preferences, you will be notified as soon as suitable opportunities arise.

Aya Healthcare

As a vacation nursing agency, Aya Healthcare takes a novel approach. You may satiate your wanderlust by picking from hundreds of exciting opportunities, and they’re one of the only organizations that provide work in all 50 states.

PPR Travel Nursing

 When PPR Travel Nursing opened its doors in 1996, it allowed nurses who wanted to see the world to pursue their passions in their chosen professions. PPR puts a premium on pairing travel nurses with the appropriate locations and the right patients, so you can be certain that your skills and experience will be used well.

GHR Travel Nursing

GHR Travel Nursing can assist new travel nurses in finding jobs that match their abilities and interests. This company offers customized compensation and 24/7 support.

Across America

 Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) provides several perks you may need to get from other agencies. These may range from a dedicated recruiter and housing specialist to the payment of licensing fees, salary guarantees under Low Census Protection, and even sick time that accrues from day one. In addition, you will be able to take your career to the next level thanks to their excellent clinical and quality assurance leadership.

Fastaff Travel Nurse Staffing Agency

Fastaff is a travel nursing staffing agency with openings across the United States, especially in the Northeast. It provides wiggle room regarding salary, benefits, and other perks and the option to narrow your job search by location or the skills you bring.

Fusion Medical Staffing:

The “Go Anywhere” slogan prominently displayed on Fusion Medical Staffing job postings looks to be more than just a marketing ploy. You have some leeway in determining both your location and your working hours. The recruiters will find the right job for you if you only tell them about your preferences in terms of site, work experience, desired workplace, and even hobbies.

Cirrus Medical Staffing

Some of the finest perks, including referral bonuses, can be found at Cirrus Medical Staffing. They also provide accommodations, travel reimbursement, and insurance from the get-go to make things easier. In addition, the recruiters will put in a lot of effort to ensure you obtain the highest pay package available in the formats that suit you.

Host Healthcare

Host Healthcare gives its nurses the freedom to go where they want. It works with various hospitals and clinics to accommodate your location and working conditions preferences. Fill out some basic information, and a recruiter from Host Healthcare will contact you shortly.


Nursesrx also offers travel nursing employment in every state, including high-paying metropolises like Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Boston, and more. In addition, Nursesrx says it will help you develop your CV as you search for nursing jobs throughout the country.

Best States to Work


One of the most significant states for Travel nurse salary is California, where the average compensation is $177,040 annually. Travel nurses are compensated generously in California’s most populated locations, such as Los Angeles and San Diego. Care providers in California often use travel nurse agencies to cover vacancies caused by a severe scarcity of registered nurses. It is especially true in high-demand specialties like trauma and home health care. In addition, there’s a lot to do and see in California when you have free time. You can take in a show at Disneyland, window shop in Beverly Hills, and get a private tour of the mansions of your favorite stars.


The highest compensation for a travel nurse’s salary is in Texas, at $112,780 annually. Texas is a fantastic option, even if it is less highly ranked than some other states below. Numerous positions at the country’s best-known medical institutions are available in cities including Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Austin. However, snow is rare, and Texas has a generally mild temperature. Winters may be chilly, though. Texas is a great option to escape the cold and dampness of the Northeastern spring and autumn.

New York

New York’s leading hospitals include Mount Sinai, Montefiore, and NYU Langone. Six-month rotations may take you from the delivery room to a top trauma hospital. New Yorkers earn $131,810 a year, higher than the national average. On your days off, you may visit one of New York’s twenty-two national parks or Central Park.


Travel nurse earns $102,070 annually, lower than other jobs on our list. The amicable atmosphere and a vast range of occupations more than make up for it. Even cosmetic surgery stars may work at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville or AdventHealth in Orlando. Florida also has stunning beaches and parks.


Pennsylvania has a high median income of $108,910, with various exciting jobs available. Private hospitals and nursing homes in Pennsylvania’s larger cities, including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, are significant employers of travel nurses. Both trauma centers and general surgery are excellent career paths, and while you’re not tending to patients, you may enjoy Lake Erie and the famous Hershey Chocolate Factory.


You may find a job in many industries and well-known locales in Ohio. The University of Cincinnati, to take just one example, is constantly in need of qualified nurses to round out its staff. And Ohioans need more operating room nurses, especially at the state’s hospitals. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build on your surgical background while earning an average of $102,420 annually. In addition, Cleveland is home to amazing artwork and over 40,000 miles of rivers, both worth exploring.


You’ll likely work in Chicago, the state’s biggest city. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Provena-Covenant Medical Center in Urbana will need your expertise. Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital Pediatric Operating Room. Expect $109,490 per year. After lunch, in an Amish community, visit a farmer’s market for fresh produce.

North Carolina

Whether you want the blue of the Atlantic or the green of the mountains, North Carolina will not disappoint. But even though there may be few chances for travel nurses in North Carolina. Because of the prevalence of the well-regarded Duke Medical Center. And residents may find work in hospitals like WakeMed in Raleigh, Scotland Memorial in Laurinburg, and Wayne Memorial in Goldsboro. During your time here, you can make a mean yearly income of $101,250.


The state of Michigan pays its nurse salary a median annual income of $108,640, which is above average. The University of Michigan Hospital, Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, and DMC University Harper Hospital. Among others, are among the state’s largest employers of travel nurses. While many available positions are in surgical settings, some may find in obstetrics/gynecology and cardiology units. So when you have a day off, relax on the shores of Lake Michigan.


Arizona’s dry air is perfect for winter assignments. A trauma nurse at a top hospital or an operating room nurse might earn $118,030 per year. Arizona is home to some of the country’s largest employers of travel nurses. But including the Mayo Clinic in beautiful Phoenix and Banner University Medical Center in Tucson. Stop visiting one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, the Grand Canyon, while in the area.

Travel nursing’s future?

Travel nurse salary Blog Unlike home health and traditional nursing, travel nursing is less well-known. However, with many states experiencing nurse shortages, this field is poised for significant growth. There is a severe shortage of nurses nationwide, even though the profession is in great demand. It is primarily due to the exorbitant tuition of top-tier nursing schools. Or the lengthy time commitment required to get a degree in this field. LPNs, RNs, and NPs in travel nursing can take their jobs and sometimes even their families with them wherever they go.

Furthermore, the opportunity to travel while working as a nurse is an excellent method to persuade prospective nurses to enter the field. There are few jobs where you can see the whole nation on the company’s money. Travel nursing is anticipated to develop as more nurses learn about the financial, professional, and personal advantages of this kind of nursing.

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